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Upcoming Lung Surgery (Again)

This will be a short post with more to come.

This past week, roughly one week after finishing my first year of full-time teaching, my right lung collapsed. For those of you who haven't known me for more than a year, I've had lung surgery twice for the same thing on my left lung.

Long story short, I'm currently in Portland and will be having surgery again for my right side on June 19 (a few days from now). The procedure is called a pleurectomy: the surgeon removes the lining of the chest wall (pleura) in order to make the lung stick to the chest wall so it doesn't collapse again.

I needed surgery twice on my left side because the first procedure was not super aggressive (at least, as far as lung surgery standards go) and has a moderate recurrance rate. The second and much more aggressive surgery I had on my left side makes it pretty much impossible to have another collapse. The surgery I'll be having shortly on my right side is pretty much the same as my second, more aggressive surgery.

I have a very, very good thoracic surgeon who is uncommonly up-to-date on the liturature, in no small part because he's producing it: he's published 6 papers in the last 5 years, and his focus is most recently on postoperative quality of life. He's also ranked by US News and World Report as in the top 1% of thoracic surgeons in the country.

Before my second surgery, I did a ridiculous amount of research on preparation and recovery, and my surgeon/specialist were shocked at how quickly I recovered. Since then, I've learned a LOT about biochemistry, particularly pertaining to nutrition/body systems and tissue repair, so if all else goes well, I'm hopeful for a Wolverine-like recovery. It is still lung surgery though, and a lot goes into recovering from something like this.

I'll be in the hospital for several days following the surgery, and at my parents' house in Portland for several weeks. I'll literally be doing nothing but sitting, sleeping, and rehab during that time, so visitors are very welcome if you're in the area.

For those of you who follow my blog for education/philosophy/innovation related things: throughout the next several weeks I'll mostly be posting on surgery updates, major surgery prep/recovery protocols, and possibly some minimal, quasi-philosophical thoughts.

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