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I currently teach social justice and identity classes  in Denver, Colorado. Somewhat separately, I am very lucky to be working with some amazing people across the country to redesign the educative experience in the US, starting at some of the most fundamental levels up to the immanently practical.

In 2014, I led a team from Miami for six months--including one month on the ground with students in the Brazilian Amazon--in an experiential education program on behalf of US-Brazil Connect. I continue to work with USBC to further develop their programs.

Before teaching, I worked for Metropolitan Group with clients including the James Irvine Foundation, the Vernonia Education Foundation, Earthjustice, US Forest Service, etc. on strategic planning, research, communication, social web, grant writing, and so on.

While studying Philosophy and Political Science at the University of Oregon, I presented my work on practical philosophy in the Main Program of the American Philosophical Association Annual Meeting. The method I used in the paper later become a much longer thesis, and the fundamental method for work at both the high school and middle school level since.

I've been certified as a mediator by Oregon School of Law and worked as a Restorative Justice facilitator for disputes including those related to racial hate crimes and sexual assault/rape, was a co-founder for the Oregon Multi-racial/Ethnic Student Alliance, and social web advisor for the National Crittenton Foundation. I've worked in the field of educational technologies for several years, supporting/designing/installing classroom technology for various organizations.

I'm also unusually obsessed with and have varying degrees of experience with nutritional biochemistry/endocrinology, rock climbing, tech scene, music, Tae Kwon Do, and physiological recovery from high-trauma surgery. Brainchocolate (this blog) was originally used for the purposes outlined below--there's more info on that stuff below the fold.

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About BrainChocolate

[Surgery-related "About" below]

I've had major lung surgery three times since 2006 and as a result of my tendency towards obsessive research, I have become quite good at recovering from major surgery.

I've done many hours and hours of research but it's been difficult to find much of anything on the web about the day-to-day of preparing for and recovering from major surgery.

Because this is what would have been most helpful for me going into surgery, I decided to video blog my experiences to help me through it and to help others who have to deal with major injury/surgery. I hope I can create something of some value for you if you are or will be recovering from a surgery or injury.

I'd like to interact with you all as much as possible and hear your experiences, thoughts, challenges, and how you've dealt with them. Please feel free to leave comments comment or shoot me an email: NsPai88 [at] gmail [dot] com

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